Cup bells for orchestras

Cup bells for orchestras

The cup bell for orchestras is a newly developed type of bell. Cast from the same exclusive bell bronze which is also used for church bells, it is the result of a quest to find a middle ground between tonally often unsatisfying tubular bells on the one hand and heavy, yet too high-pitched ringing church bells on the other.

At the initiative of SchlagZu, this wonderful synthesis of direct bell sound, reduced weight and the potential depiction of lower registers than would be possible, for example, with church or tubular bells, emerged from the Grassmayr bell foundry.

The secret lies in their form: like church bells, the cup bells for orchestras ring with numerous varying partials following a single strike. However, the fundamental tone immediately emerges, so that the striking tone matches the nominal tone.

Due to their compact design, cup bells for orchestras are flexible to use and offer entirely new playing options; i.e. one above the other for Hindemith's Metamorphosis.

  • Material: Bell bronze
  • Range: C - c3
  • Tuning: 440 – 445 Hz

Church bells, cup bells for orchestras and flat bells from the GRASSMAYR bell foundry can be obtained in Germany exclusively through SchlagZu.
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