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Andreas Regler

That I would ever study classical percussion was certainly not evident when I started playing the piano, at age 10. Drums were added 4 years later. I was heard for the first time as a vibraphonist on Bavarian Radio at age 17 – seen in retrospect perhaps the initial spark leading to the path of becoming a professional musician.

The diversity of sounds and playing techniques were fascinating me. That´s why I also took private instruction in Latin percussion and drumset during my conservatory studies.

This versatility brought me many amazing engagements as a percussionist in symphony orchestras, in musicals, as solo drummer at the opening ceremony of the world soccer championship in 2006 in Munich and as a flying drummer at the ceremony of the european soccer championschip 2021 in Rome. I'm currently literally „blowing up“ as a vertical drummer with the Performance on Air Formation „Team Extreme“. Tours and concerts have taken me to Dubai, Doha, Cairo, Istanbul, Ankara, Mumbai, Rome, Paris, Toulouse, Brussels, Saudi Arabia and Turkmenistan, et al.

As a studied percussionist, Andreas is an expert on the almost confusing variety of instruments, which we play as musicians and teach as teachers. But what is even more important for me is that he is genuinely interested in my concerns through his friendly and engaging manner and open ears and finds well thought out solutions for even the most unusual wishes and demands. I can wholeheartedly recommend his advice on instrument rental as well as his craftsmanship and his inquiring mind in developing instruments.

After my graduation in 2009, I started with SchlagZu. Of course it's like a dream for me, to have the whole world of percussion instruments here with me, and to be able to increase my knowledge through the continuous interaction with other percussionists.

For a better performance!

Andreas Regler

I particularly appreciate the calm and level-headed manner of Andreas Regler, his solution-orientated and proficient advice, as well as the fact that I can easily exchange views about my colleagues' wishes. Very fast response, on-time delivery and a good and well-structured homepage complete the service of SchlagZu perfectly. Definitely worth recommending!