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Music is the highest cultural connection between people. It is important to us that great musicians receive the appropriate tools for conveying their music.

The demands upon percussionists have immensely increased in recent years, through compositions, conductors and the public. Because of this, the demand for quality and diversity in percussion instruments has also massively risen.

In order to make music at the highest level, first-class instruments are needed.

It is our goal to support you in the best way possible as a competent partner with our know-how and an optimally coordinated collection of highest quality instruments.

We're very proud to have had the priviledge of serving numerous renowned orchestras, ensembles and solo artists in the course of our company history, and to have earned their trust as satisfied customers. A look at our list of references will tell you more!

SchlagZu is always a reliable partner for us with great expertise and high-quality instruments. Especially in the field of new music, to which the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra likes to devote itself, our percussionists are always dependent on being able to rent unusual instruments. It is good to know that help and advice are only a phone call away!