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Our range of instruments encompasses the complete spectrum of percussion from all musical genres. We specialize in professional assignments. Accordingly, our instruments are of the highest quality. We have practically every instrument either in stock or can provide it within a very short time.

Through continuous new acquisitions and constant expert maintenance, we can guarantee you that our instruments are in accordance with the latest technology.

During a personal and competent consultation, in joint collaboration with you, we put the appropriate instruments together with regard to size, features, drum heads and accessories.

We're glad to be of assistance to you by telephone with questions pertaining to unfamiliar instruments and you'll receive detailed instructions.



Thai Gongs
Range C-c3

Große Trommel
Große Trommel
Diameter 60“

Head diameter 100 cm


The rental fee is based on the rental time and value of the instruments, and will be calculated by graded percentage. The period from the first rehearsal to the final concert will be considered rental time (with regular transport). The instrument value is based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

We grant a 10% early booking discount with orders placed at least four weeks in advance, and a 5% volume discount per instrument value over € 25,000 / € 50,000 / € 75,000

We're happy to make you a personal, obligation-free quote and are looking forward to your inquiry.

Our clients

We rent our instruments to orchestras, ensembles, competition organizers and festivals, wind and brass ensembles, soloists, schools and private individuals.


Our instruments are fully insured throughout Europe. In the event of damage, only the deductible of 1% of the total value of the rented instruments will be charged. (Maximum rate: € 300)

For rentals outside of Europe, please definitely inform us in advance. Global insurance of the instruments is generally possible for an additional charge, if applicable.


Various transport possibilities are available for your selection:

  • We organize the shipment and return for you.
    Our instruments will be sent in mobile flight cases suitable for touring via forwarding agent. Smaller deliveries will be made via parcel service.
  • You or your trusted transport company pick up the instruments at our location in Hilgertshausen near Munich and return them there.
  • Stage Service: We accompany your tour and assume the assembly and dismantling of the instruments on location.

What can we do for you?

If you are interested in a rental or have other questions pertaining to percussion instruments, please contact us personally.

Tel: +49 (0) 8250/92 84 59 Local Rate (different prices may apply for mobile phone calls)
Fax: +49 (0) 8250/92 84 87

We always make every effort to answer your requests quickly and competently.


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