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Church bells

Longing for the Stradavarius amongst the bells

For our SchlagZu - Bells for Orchestra, findings from scientific research merge with knowledge from ancient traditions and craft documents to create this magnificent bell quality.

The Bell as a Musical Instrument

The SchlagZu bells for orchestra have a weight progression

(the smaller the bell, the thicker the bell wall), so that even the smallest bell is equal in sound to the lower bells.

The indication of the pitch is based on the striking tone (nominal tone), which is dominant when the bell is struck. The root note, which develops from the strike note, is one or two octaves below it.

For a bell as a musical instrument, the tonal harmony between the striking tone and the partials prime, upper octave, fifth, third and lower octave as well as a long bell reverberation (decay time) are decisive.


Exclusive bell bronze

Tonal range:

C4 – C8


10 kg - 2.250 kg / Ø = 20 cm – 152 cm


440 – 445 Hz


Cast in different bell forms (wall thickness) (Ex: a1= 377 kg - 620 kg)

Special feature:

Eb-Bell for Mussorgskys „Bilder einer Ausstellung“ with Major-Third

Bell Surface

Although sound development is the most significant criteria for bells as „music instruments“, the cast surface bespeaks the quality of workmanship. 

The particular composition of the special clay for the bell mold enables the bell to avoid having to be greatly reworked, for example because of many parting lines, a rough outer surface or „cellulite“.

Fun Fact: Components of the decorative clay include beer and horse manure.

Bell Decoration

Ornaments and crowns give bells an individual character and symbolic meaning, without affecting the sound behavior of the bell.

  • Individual designs

  • Personal signatures

  • Logos

  • Imaginative bell crowns

  • Ornaments

  • Ornamentation refined with gold leaf

The Bell Stand

The bell stand has been newly developed especially for use in the orchestra. It is made of separate laser-manufactured parts and is equipped with an easy to handle height adjustment feature which offers safe transport in the lowest position and a comfortable playing situation in a higher position. Existing bells can be upgraded with our bell stands. The floor plate can be ordered optionally with or without individual engraving.

Whether it's building bell stands or renting rare percussion instruments, the team of SchlagZu is always quick to offer advice and assistance. Proficient, costomised and dependable. Thank you and here's to continued good cooperation!

Robert Buchwald
Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker
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Famous works with church bells

A list with more than 300 works are available on request via


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