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The SchlagZu company was founded in 1994 as SchlagZu - Percussion Instrument Rental by the orchestra percussionists Dieter Pöll (Bavarian State Opera) and Michael Gärtner (German Radio Philharmonic Saarbrücken).

In 2006, Michael Gärtner left SchlagZu, because duties involved with the rental company had become so extensive and time-consuming that they were no longer compatible with assignments in the orchestra. Dieter Pöll continued to control the fate of the company – looking for a suitable successor.

Andreas Regler became owner in 2009. Under his leadership, the product range of the firm was widened to include sales of percussion instruments, trainings for orchestra attendants and workshops. SchlagZu has developed into a popular point of contact and expert in the field of percussion instruments – throughout all musical styles and far beyond the borders of Germany.

The GMJO has been a happy customer of SchlagZu for over 20 years. We can rely for many years now on the cooperativeness, the always quick solutions to problems, the profound knowledge and above all on the quality of the provided instruments. Therefore, the cooperation with SchlagZu is a must for anyone who needs percussion instruments.