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If it was common practice to rate a rental company for percussion instruments like a hotel with hotel stars, you wouldn’t have any other choice than to rate SchlagZu with five stars. To work together with Andreas Regler and his team is for every drummer and percussionist in every aspect true luxury. In the last 14 years I was able to experience the high quality of various new instruments, the wide variety of stylistic and timbral choices according to needs and tastes and the always reliable service firsthand. Cooperations concerning concerts as a soloist, with various chamber music ensembles, in the orchestra or also in the context of competitions and recording productions have always contributed to the success of these projects and therefore I strongly hope for a cooperation that is still long-term in the future.

In 2020 and 2021 I had the privilege to develop the in-house woodblock series with different model types and structural designs which SchlagZu is producing ever since. In terms of quality the woodblock series hold a real pole position on the market. In addition I was able to contribute my personal artistic requirements for sound, design, type of wood, processing, durability, hardware and logistics (convenient case!). Therefore, I now have instruments at my disposal that are tailor-made for me. All my colleagues, however, were equally enthusiastic and absolutely convinced of the new quality and this new benchmark of wood sound and volume - from my point of view an absolute must-have for every drummer and every university or conservatory from now on!

It's rare to find this combination of professional perfectionism, humaneness and enthusiasm which characterizes the company SchlagZu. Our team of employees as well as the competition participants could always completely depend on the versatile and dedicated support of the firm SchlagZu during the percussion competitions of 2014 & 2019.

We've depended on the company SchlagZu with great trust for many years. The rental instruments were always not only of absolutely high quality, but were also in extremely good condition – in a straightforward, friendly and extremely reliable manner towards the customers as well. And thus comply with the highest standards.

Our reliable partner for many years, who, due to his own qualifications, knows exactly what is important when choosing instruments. What we particularly appreciate is the quality and the large selection of rental instruments as well as the uncomplicated service. Whether it is rental instruments, repairs or new purchases, we can fully recommend SchlagZu.

SchlagZu is always a reliable partner for us with great expertise and high-quality instruments. Especially in the field of new music, to which the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra likes to devote itself, our percussionists are always dependent on being able to rent unusual instruments. It is good to know that help and advice are only a phone call away!

The Bavarian Police orchestra has found with SchlagZu a competent partner for percussion supplies of any kind and especially for transport cases. The development of special system cases for the entire equipment of the Bavarian Police Orchestra is a milestone for our orchestra. The cases are perfectly adapted and designed for the specific needs of a touring orchestra. They are produced in highest quality and are delivered on time. Reliability, innovation and expertise in every respect characterize SchlagZu and its owner Andreas Regler.

Andreas from SchlagZu finds a solution for everything and advises the customers with utter dedicati- on and full percussionists-passion.

As a studied percussionist, Andreas is an expert on the almost confusing variety of instruments, which we play as musicians and teach as teachers. But what is even more important for me is that he is genuinely interested in my concerns through his friendly and engaging manner and open ears and finds well thought out solutions for even the most unusual wishes and demands. I can wholeheartedly recommend his advice on instrument rental as well as his craftsmanship and his inquiring mind in developing instruments.

Our percussionists and timpanists of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA were once again very satisfied with the SchlagZu instruments. We've already had instruments from you for the sixth time and this will remain so, at the request of our musicians.

As stage manager of the Ensemble Modern, especially with a repeated need for rental instruments. I'm always happy to be able to depend on the quality of a rental company like the firm of SchlagZu.

For years we rent instruments from SchlagZu and I am always impressed by the quality of the instruments. Not only the safe shipping in flight cases, which also makes the transport easy for our orchestra stage hands, but also the fast telephone help with questions or problems is remarkable and makes SchlagZu the number one percussion instrument rental for me. The SchlagZu SoftBags, which I bought last year for my marimba, are durable, well manufactured and meet the highest standards.

ICO have hired Timpani from Andreas at SchlagZu and they have never disappointed. The instruments are of top quality and delivered safely on time. I highly recommend them!!

For us, SchlagZu is unrivalled, both in terms of classical percussion instruments, but above all in terms of contemporary ones. Always the best quality with a large selection, absolute reliability and collegial cooperation.

I particularly appreciate the calm and level-headed manner of Andreas Regler, his solution-orientated and proficient advice, as well as the fact that I can easily exchange views about my colleagues' wishes. Very fast response, on-time delivery and a good and well-structured homepage complete the service of SchlagZu perfectly. Definitely worth recommending!

The GMJO has been a happy customer of SchlagZu for over 20 years. We can rely for many years now on the cooperativeness, the always quick solutions to problems, the profound knowledge and above all on the quality of the provided instruments. Therefore, the cooperation with SchlagZu is a must for anyone who needs percussion instruments.

Many project wouldn’t be possible without Andreas Regler and his company provide a complete set of instruments for concerts, classes/workshops and competitions. Drums and percussion instruments are still complex instruments. Although the understanding of economy in the use of instruments is slowly gaining ground, the demands are very high and often cannot be met by a soloist or ensemble alone. This is where SchlagZu helps and ensures a smooth process. The high quality of the instruments and innovative approaches increase the joy of playing. I constantly recommend this professional option to event organisers and producers.

Whether it's building bell stands or renting rare percussion instruments, the team of SchlagZu is always quick to offer advice and assistance. Proficient, costomised and dependable. Thank you and here's to continued good cooperation!