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Maintenance, Repair & Custom-made instruments

We provide repair and restoration work, general maintenance and drum head service as well. Many of the replacement parts for instruments we offer in rentals and sales are in our stock or can generally procured within a very short time.

We're happy to support you in an advisory capacity, as to the value of an instrument, whether repairs are worthwhile or whether a new purchase would be more suitable.

Special requests and customized models can be realized because of our intensive cooperation with competent instrument makers.

SchlagZu is an authorized service station for YAMAHA orchestral instruments.

Our reliable partner for many years, who, due to his own qualifications, knows exactly what is important when choosing instruments. What we particularly appreciate is the quality and the large selection of rental instruments as well as the uncomplicated service. Whether it is rental instruments, repairs or new purchases, we can fully recommend SchlagZu.

Restauration Marimba Studio49 RM500

  • New leather Cover for side parts and rails

  • New varnish coating for resonators

  • Tuning bars

Restauration crank timpani Dresdner Apparatebau Spenke & Metzl

  • New counterhoops, coated in black

  • New „stars“, coated in black

  • New Tuning screws mirror-finish nickel-plated

  • New cranks

  • New Kalfo Super Timpani heads

Restauration Screw Timpani Julius Wunderlich (1860 – 1900)

Counterhoops powder coated black
  • Counterhoops powder coated black

  • Wing nuts powder coated gold

  • New Tuning screws, stainless steel

  • Goat skins

  • Custom-made SoftBags

Special order: Litophone for Berliner Philharmoniker (Unsuk Chins Piano Concerto)

Andreas from SchlagZu finds a solution for everything and advises the customers with utter dedicati- on and full percussionists-passion.